Of all the colours, why does SPOTMYUV turn purple?

The purple colour means that the colour-changing ink has been exposed to UV light.

There are many colour-changing inks out there, but our R&D team selected this purple ink for a few reasons:

1. The colour purple had one of the highest contrasts across all skin tones, so it's easy to see the colour when you're in UV danger.

2. The ink is completely non-toxic and safe, proven by 3rd party experts and labs.

3. The ink is only sensitive to UV and visible light, so you can always be sure that the colour means you've been exposed to UV. Other colour changing inks can change colour with heat, which isn't helpful if you're outside on a hot day!

4. The World Health Organization UV Index scale which goes from 1 to 11+ uses purple to indicate extreme UV conditions of 11+. It was a natural fit to make sure you are aware of your UV exposure. For more information on the WHO UVI scale, visit their site.