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Product Questions

How do SPOTs™ work?

When should I expect SPOTMYUV™ to change colour?

I have fair, sensitive skin. Is SPOTMYUV™ safe for me?

My SPOT™ changed to purple quickly (less than 20 minutes) after applying sunscreen. What happened?

My SPOT™ is NOT changing to clear. Is it broken?

My SPOT™ never turned purple. Is it broken?

Do SPOTs™ work with all sunscreens?

Do I need to use a new SPOT™ every time I apply sunscreen within the same day?

Can I wear a SPOT™ for more than one day?

Can I wear a SPOT™ while swimming? (Is it waterproof?)

I pulled the applicator off the SPOT™, but the SPOT™ is still on the liner. Can I still use it?

Where is the best place to apply SPOT™?

Will I have a tan line where my SPOT™ was?

Should I use sunscreen before or after applying my SPOT™?


What is your return policy?


In which countries can I buy SPOTMYUV™?

Which methods of shipping do you use?

Safety and Efficacy

How do I know SPOTMYUV™ is safe? How do you test for safety?

How do you test for efficacy of SPOTMYUV™?